To be perceived and acknowledged as the leading hotel in Istanbul by consistently exceeding our guests expectations through unified teamwork,demonstrating innovation, dynamism, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

To uphold a totally customer focused philosophy and to establish an image of excitement, experiment and world class quality.

To establish longterm key client relationships that result in the hotel consistently sustaining above market share.

To maximize our profitability for our owners with a longterm vision, whilst maintaining close bonds with all levels of local community.

To be a caring and motivational employer, attracting skilled, professional high performers and offering them challenging and rewarding opportunities for personal growth.


Our aim is, in addition to our mission in becoming the leading hotel in Istanbul, working with employees skilled enough to assist us in reaching this goal.

Our Employment Process: All applications sent to us by e-mail and fax are examined by our Human Resources Department. Applicants with required qualities are asked to participate in an interview, regarding open positions. In times when there are no available positions for applicants with required qualities, their files are kept in our databank in full confidentiality. When available, their files are reevaluated. All applicants are informed by email, phone or letter about their application.

The salaries are adjusted according to scales in the wake of sectoral wage research

e-mail: human.resources@intercontinentalistanbul.com

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New employees in our hotel attend a general orientation program. In this program, the hotel is fully introduced to the employees. A full brief in detail is held regarding our hotel’s history, rules and terms of employment.

Apart from the orientation program for beginners, there are various occupational training and personal training programs. To improve our employees’ English level, foreign language courses are also given.

In order that our employees can spend time together, outside working hours too, social activities are organized. These include bowling, backgammon, table tennis tournaments, boat trip on the Bosphorous during the summer and Staff Ball during the winter.

Communication is an important issue in our establishment.

Every month, we regularly hold a Communication Meeting attended by a representative from each department. The needs of employees and problems that affect their work are shared, solutions are sought.
We regularly hold a staff party at the end of every month. During the staff party employees of the month, promoted / transferred staff and new recruited employees are announced.

To further increase communication, the General Manager invites department representatives for lunch or dinner within the year. He listens to their requests and answers their question.

All our employees’ performance is evaluated after the first 3 months. The manager and the employee have face to face interviews and the employee’s performance, teamwork adaptability and communication skills during the 3 month period are evaluated.

There is also another performance evaluation for all employees, the yearly performance evaluation.
This evaluation is made for various title groups with separate evaluation forms and the interviews are held directly with the managers. Employees and managers find the opportunity to evaluate the whole year and exchange views.