One Hour

Galata Tower:A Genoese construction of 1348. From the top there is a marvelous panorama of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

One Hour

The 19th century Ihlamur Pavilion is named after the linden trees in its gardens. Now in the heart of metropolitan Istanbul, when it was originally constructed the pavilion was in the rolling courtsyside that surrounded the city.

Two Hours

Dolmabahçe Palace: Recent residence for Ottoman Sultans with 365 rooms and 22 saloons. Famous with great collection of European antiquity, furniture and 4.5 tons chandelier.

Two Hours

Rumeli Hisari or European Fortress, was built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452 prior to his capture of Istanbul. It is one of the most beautiful works of military architecture in the world.

Two Hours

Istanbul City Walls:once an impenetrable fortification, strech at seven kilometers from the Sea Of Marmara to the Golden Horn.

Two Hours

Turkish Mystic Music & Dance
Sufi Music Concert and Whirling Dervishes Ceremony. Every Wednesday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday at Sirkeci train station.

Half a Day

Bosphorus Cruise:The best way to see the Bosphorus is to board one of the passenger boats that regularly zigzag along the shores. You embark at Eminonu and stop alternately on the Asian and European sides of the strait.

Half a Day

Asya: Crossing the magnificent intercontinental suspension(Bosphorus) bridge, you are transported from Europe into Asia,where you can visit;
Beylerbeyi Palace
This 19th century palace was a summer residence for the Ottoman sultans. Its beautiful location on the shores of the Bosphoros is matched by its elegant architecture and lavish interior.
Baghdad Street
Fashionable boutiques make Baghdad Street the most desirable shopping street on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Walks and Trips

Istiklal Street
Keeping alive Istanbul’s thousands of years of culturel past and riches. Enjoy the shopping in this street without traffic.

Military Museum

In this museum the great field tents used by the Ottoman armies on campaigns are on display. The Mehter Band can be heard performing Ottoman martial music between 3:00 and 4:00pm.


Topkapi Palace

That maze of buildings that was the focal point of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. In this opulent surrounding the sultans and their court lived and governed. Guided tour is available at the Concierge desk.

Hagia Sophia

Now called the Ayasofya Museum, is unquestionably one of the finest buildings of all times.
Open everyday except Monday.

Sultanahmet Mosque

The buildings more familiarly known as the Blue Mosque because of its magnificent interior. paneling of blue and white Iznik tiles.
An evening light and sound show is available during the summer months.

Dolmabahce Palace

Built in the mid 19th century by Sultan Abdulmecid, stretches for 600 meters along the European shore of the Bosphorus.Open everyday except Monday and Thursday.

Kariye Museum

The 11th century church of St. Savior in the Chora complex is, after Hagia Sophia, the most important Byzantine monument in Istanbul.
Open everyday except Wednesday.

Archeology Museum

In the various halls of this museum, archeological pieces such as sarcophagus, tombstone, epitaph, bust, sculpture, relief, column heads and mosaics from Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilizations are on display.
Open everyday except Monday

Basilica Cistern

Yerebatan Sarnici Sultanahmet
Three hundred and thirty-six massive Corinthian columns support the immense chamber’s fine brick vaulting.
Open everyday

Beylerbeyi Palace

Used as the Sultan’s summer residence, it was offered to the most distinguished foreign dignitaries for their visits.
Open everyday except Monday and Thursday.