spa Facial, Skin and Body care at Spa InterContinental, invite you to reveal a healthy glow.

Bringing back your skin’s purified and rejuvenated state, at Spa InterContinental; comprehensive Facial, Skin and Body treatments, ensure reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, slowing down of the aging process and the promotion of a radiant complexion. Facial, Skin and Body treatments, carried out by expert therapists, give your skin and body a refreshed, and firmer appearance; a superior treatment through the use of enriched formulas, cryogenic treatments, anti-aging applications and methods appropriate to all skin types awaits you. An exclusive package is provided with experts tailoring a variety of treatments to your skin’s specific needs, professional application, and the use of completely natural “Charme d’Orient” products.

Each treatment is a ritual, every gesture evokes a perception, every balm has story and every scent, an emotion. Rituals make each treatment a true celebration of the body, draw inspiration from the vast and multiple traditional methods of the East to suit the needs of modern women.

Moroccan tradition dictates the benefits of black soap and argan oil. The Syrian one tells us the story of Aleppo soap. Turkey takes us into the ceremonial of the Hammam. Cleopatra’s Egypt takes us back in time to the origins of beauty. The Dead Sea provides us with its mineral resources. India introduces us to the holistic approach of well-being.

It is how products and treatments are simultaneously trendy and timeless, inviting one to travel, with a quality and a know-how of the highest level of natural therapy with InterContinental exclusivity.


şömine1Located in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim, InterContinental Istanbul’s brand new location, Veranda Restaurant & Lounge, is inviting all those with a refined palate and a taste for the good life to come and eat out.
Veranda Restaurant & Lounge is already making a name for itself as an original dining hot spot in the Taksim area!
Located at the hotel’s entrance, with its luscious greenery and flowing water feature, open kitchen offering something for everyone with its international menu, and relaxed atmosphere, the location has been specially designed to meet all its guests’ requirements. Here; sip a glass of wine from an extensive wine cellar of wines from around the world while sitting before an open fire, watch a match on the wide screen TV with friends, sit back and watch your children having fun in the sunshine in the gardens, enjoy a working lunch without being too far from the office, or enjoy one of many delicious cocktails with friends as the sun sets.
Veranda Restaurant & Lounge offers something for everyone for breakfast, lunch or dinner, including special snacks, wood oven cooked pizzas, and an extensive menu from Balkan Meatballs to Portuguese Prawn Creole. Not to mention its unique cocktails including a concoction of Absolute, Limoncello and mint aptly named a Veranda Breeze.
Be sure to visit Veranda Restaurant & Lounge if you are looking to enjoy alfresco dining all year round, whatever the weather, and at any time of day or night.