The Best Event Venues on the European Side

Salon IKSV One of Istanbul’s most prominent hubs for cultural and artistic life, Salon IKSV is located directly on the line running between the districts of Galata and Şişhane. Thanks to its mobile stage system, the Salon is equipped to hold a variety of performances such as popular music, theatre, panels and workshops, and plays [...]

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Prominent Historical and Touristic Sites on the European Side

Dolmabahçe Palace Dolmabahçe Palace was built between the years 1843-1856 and is a mixture of European artistic styles. It is the work of Sultan Abdülmecit’s architect Karabet Balyan. Its construction took 10 years and cost 5 million pieces of gold. The Hall of the Throne (Throne Room) is higher than the middle section in which [...]

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The Best Historical Turkish Baths (Hamams) on the European Side

Hagia Sophia Hürrem Sultan Hamam The Hamam, commissioned by Hürrem Sultan and built by Mimar Sinan in 1556 next to Hagia Sophia, has been in service since 1910. Once used as a prison, and after a period of restoration in 1958, it was used as a carpet shop until 2008. It began being used as a [...]

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The Best Art Galleries in Istanbul

Gallery Nev Since 1987, Gallery Nev housed in Mısır Apartment has held regular exhibitions for both local and foreign art lovers. Address: Istiklal Street Mısır Apartment, K:5 D:18 Beyoğlu, Istanbul Telephone: 0 (212) 252 15 25 Opening Hours: Every day excluding Sunday and Monday between 11.00-18.30 GALERIST Established in 2001, Galerist at two separate locations [...]

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The Best Parks on the European Side

ULUS PARK With a unique view looking down onto Istanbul’s Bosphorus, Ulus Park aside from the areas open to the public, also has private restaurants that you might like to visit, and it’s a beautiful park for a fun-filled day for all the family. Address: Kuruçeşme Mah. Yol Sk. Ulus / Beşiktaş YILDIZ PARK Yıldız [...]

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Taksim, Beyoğlu’s Historical Cinemas

CINE MAJESTIC Although only opening in 2003, the cinema despite not being very old deserves a place on this list. The great family atmosphere will make you feel right at home, and with its comfortable movie theatre is a nice location for those wanting to watch a film. Address: İstiklal Street Ayhan Isik Sokak No:10 [...]

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8 Retro Museums to be Found in Istanbul

TÜRVAK CINEMA-THEATRE MUSEUM AND ART LIBRARY A museum that should definitely be seen by lovers of nostalgia, where you can find everything retro, from backstage photographs of Turkey’s cinema and theatre actors and actresses, to the tickets from the films they performed in, and from studio monitors from the 70’s, to much of the equipment [...]

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Istanbul’s Fish Markets

Beşiktaş Fish Market The market in Beşiktaş Shopping Center was renovated in 2009. You can take the fish you buy fresh from the fish market and the surrounding restaurants will prepare and cook it for you. Üsküdar Fish Market An historical marketplace with many monuments and water fountains in the surrounding area that date back [...]

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Taksim Tramline

The trams to be found on Taksim’s İstiklal Street were found in a museum in 1989, the old wagons restored, and put back into commission. With their nostalgic red colour, the trams run every day from 07:30 – 22:45 between Taksim Square and Tünel. During the journey you will get to travel the full length [...]

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From our Concierge

Rahmi M. Koç Museum The Museum is located on the northern shore of Golden Horn, Hasköy neighbourhood of Beyoğlu. It lies on three seperate parts of around 27000 square kilometres. Open Air Display Area This section is reserved for large scale and durable objects such as a submarine, ferry boat, planes and an impressive floating [...]

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